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10 Things Moms Can Do Everyday to Have More Joy

Being a mom can seem like endless drudgery of doing the same tasks over and over and over. After mopping and vacuuming, five minutes later a child leaves crumbly cracker trails in her wake. After hours on laundry–gathering, washing, folding–the dirty clothes seem to pile again immediately.

But as you know, being a mom also brings moments where your heart feels like it’s going to burst from joy and happiness. Moments where you are overwhelmed with love and gratitude for your children and you life.

Unfortunately, those moments may not be a frequent as we want them to be. But making simple changes can increase our daily happiness and overcome feelings of drudgery and overwhelm.

Here are 10 practical strategies that be practiced daily to increase those sublime moments of happiness–and generally just make us happier.

10 Things Moms Can Do For More Daily Joy

10 Steps for More Daily Joy

1) Wake-up before your kids & do something for yourself.

You can't pour from an empty cup.

Whether you exercise, read, meditate, pray, or write your to-do list, take time for yourself first thing. Filling your own cup first thing in the morning enables you to lift up and help those around 

you. This book completely changed my mornings and drastically improved my life. 

To make the most of your mornings, check out Makeover Your Morning and Be the Mom You Want to Be. If you, like myself, are NOT a morning person and need extra help to wake up in the  mornings, here are some awesome tips to help get you our of bed in the morning.

2) Make your bed every day.

It takes just a minute or two and making something look neat and organized right off the bat is a great way to start the day. I used to think it was a pointless exercise, but I’ve changed my tune. Making my bed starts my day with a sense of accomplishment and organization and it makes my bedroom more peaceful. Slipping into a made bed at the end of the day simply feels better.

3) Exercise.

Just 20-30 minutes of exercise a day–a quick run, a dance party, or an exercise circuit–has amazing effects on mood, health, sleep quality, and energy level! If you are looking for a quick workout solution, I personally LOVE The Shaun T workout video series T25. It’s really helped me get in shape after having babies when my days are jam packed. There are seven really amazing 25 minute workouts. For ideas on ways to fit a workout into your day, check out 6 Ways For Busy Moms to Fit in a Quick Workout or follow my Pinterest Board (below) full of quick exercises for moms! 

4) Use your phone at the right time for the right things.

Have you ever gotten on your phone and suddenly your kids start throwing epic fits. So you get frustrated and then everyone’s upset. Why does that happen? When we are on our phones, we are no longer engaged with the world outside of out phone, even if we acknowledge its existence. So you’re disengaged from your kids. What do they do? They act out. Why? Because that’s how they know they can get you off your phone.

Your smartphone can help your life be more efficient. There are so many fantastic apps and features that can boost your productivity and help you stay organized. But it can also be a complete waste of time and energy. And it can be a distraction from the things that matter most.

5) Hug your husband for at least 20 seconds a day.

After a busy, often hectic day away from one another, it’s easy to feel disconnected at the end of the day. Try a 20 second hug. It is relationship-building and a mood booster! It releases oxytocin which creates feelings of trust and it also helps to relax your body. It may feel awkward at first, but embrace the awkward and reap the rewards.

6) Snuggle each child individually giving them 100% focus.

No matter how chaotic your day is, give at least a few minutes of snuggles and undivided attention to each child. LIke hugs, snuggling is going to build your relationship with your child and make everyone happier.

It’s amazing the peace it’ll bring to your home. Your kids will have fewer meltdowns and you will all be much happier. When I snuggle my children, I can literally feel the tension leaving their bodies. I love it!

7) Choose your battles wisely.

With your spouse and your children, make sure you choose the right things to focus on. Whether battling over mismatched clothes, messy hair, toilet training, or a picky child, make sure you’re picking the right ones and letting the rest go.

Personally, I let my girls dress themselves. Sure, they are often clad in a mismatched array of patterns and colors. But they are happy and developing a sense of self and I don’t have to worry about it.

And I usually only make a stink about brushing hair on Sundays before church. We brush our hair for Jesus. On school days, they rush into their classrooms with spectacular bed head–passed the girls with their perfectly coiffed braid and bows. If they don’t care, neither do I (though I suspect that will change in a few years).

8) Schedule downtime at the end of the day.

Stress is often a culprit in our bad moods and unhappiness. After the kids are down, treat yourself to a relaxing routine. Take a bath, read a book–do something relaxing and rejuvenating that will prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

9) End your day reciting your “Top 10 of Today”

With your spouse or by yourself, go over the 10 best parts of your day. Can’t make it to 10? Shoot, even the top 1 or two will still be a mood booster. Focusing on the positives brings sunshine to even the cloudiest of days. More on my top 10 habit here.

10) Make your sleep a top priority.

This is much more important than a clean house. Your sleep is directly related to your mood, your energy, your health, and how you interact with others. SLeep deprivation can literally kill you. Check out this fantastic video done by a sleep expert. Mom getting enough sleep = happy home.

Need help? Here are 10 amazing strategies that can help you get dramatically better sleep tonight.

Am I missing anything?

What daily practice helps you be happier? Answer in the comments or email me at erin@theincrementalamam.com.