On any given day, I’m racing around at about a million miles an hour. (I’m sure you know the feeling.) Couple that with what 4 pregnancies did to my brain and I forget things.

Lots of things, in fact.

Which is especially annoying when I’m five minutes into a movie at the theater and I suddenly remember 3 things I forgot to tell the babysitter. So I have to be that person. The one texting in the middle of a movie and then constantly looking at her phone to see if the babysitter has responded.

As moms running from one thing to the next, it’s really hard to always remember to tell the babysitter everything.

And even when we feel like we remember to give all special instructions, we may return to find that the babysitter didn’t live up to unspoken common sense expectations.

Download free babysitting information printable #printable #parenting

Download free babysitting information printable #printable #parenting


Whether we’re at work or out with our husbands, knowing our babysitters have all the information they need allows us peace of mind when we are away from our kids.

It also gives the babysitter a helpful guide for when they encounter both the expected and unexpected in caring for your kids.

So I made this for moms to be able to fill out, laminate and stick in the diaper bag or on the fridge and have all the key information readily available for your babysitter. Whether you’re gone for an hour or all day, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve given the sitter all the information needed.

Ways to use this printable:

  • Fill out and laminate
  • Laminate and then fill out with a dry-erase marker
  • Put one in your diaper bag and on your fridge

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Hope you like it!