7 Amazing Podcasts For Moms Who Miss Learning

Sometimes you just want to feel smart again. Like your brain is capable of doing something other than memorizing all the words to the children’s movie your kids are currently obsessed with.

Your life may seem like and endless cycle of changing diapers, dealing with tantrums, preparing meals, and chauffeuring. And of course, the endless messes and laundry.

You love your life as a mom, but you crave mental stimulation. Well my friend, you need podcasts in your life. And these 7 podcasts are the PERFECT way to remedy this feeling. 


podcasts for moms


1) Freakonomics

This is one of my all-time favs. You learn about about basically everything in a super captivating and entertaining way.

Listening to this actually improves my life and helps me be more efficient. You may have heard of or read the book Freakonomics written by economist Steven Levitt and journalist Stephen Dubner (if not, it’s fantastic).

Dubner hosts this podcast and he is absolutely delightful. You will feel 10x smarter after listening to any given episode. This is one of my favorite episodes.

2) Stuff You Missed in History Class

As the title suggests, this podcast is about history. Before you say “But history is boring!” just remember that history isn’t boring– your history teacher was boring (of course I may be biased as a history teacher).

This show highlights super interesting (though often overlooked) stories from the past and delivers it in short and engaging episodes. I burned through about a dozen painting a bathroom recently.

This is one of my favorite stories they covered from the French Revolution.

3) Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin is a happiness guru, a bestselling author, and my spirit animal.

This podcast, as the name suggests, is full of practical and actionable steps to lead towards greater happiness. And it’s packages in short little episodes. I love it!

Want to learn way to be happier and more productive? This one is for you. This recent episode really changed my perspective.

7 Amazing Podcasts for Moms Who Miss Learning

4) Hidden Brain

If you’re interested in psychology and human behavior, this one is for you. It’s so fascinating.

It basically helps you understand the world and human actions better. If you struggle to keep your house clean, you may like this one: Why Disorder May Be Good For Us.

5) Revisionist History

I love Malcom Gladwell. Reading his books always makes me feel smarter. When I found out he was starting a podcast, my nerd heart almost burst from sheer happiness.

He sucks you in with very compelling stories and then leaves you thinking for days. I recommend starting with season 1, but I’ve never heard him more eloquent then when he waxes on about the McDonald’s french fry of his youth. It’s brilliant.

6) This American Life

This American Life is a classic. This radio show has been going for ages and now you can get any episode you want on the podcast.

It’s full of entertaining and engaging stories all on a related theme. You’re going to love it. It always sucks me in and helps me see the world a little bit differently.

Trying to pick a favorite episode is liking trying to pick a favorite pastry in a French bakery–it’s impossible. You can’t go wrong with any of the episodes here.

7) Radio Lab

I wouldn’t call myself a science buff, but this podcast weaves science and stories about the human experience in a way that is fascinating. Trust me, you don’t need to love science to find this totally interesting.

The hosts are warm and are amazing at explaining complicated things in a way that makes total sense. 

So Pick a Podcast & Get listening!

Ready to ditch “mom brain” and feel smart again? Pick one of the podcasts and listen while you are cleaning, exercising, driving or whatever. Comment below and let me know what you think!