Wow. We’ve worked on a LOT these past 3 weeks. From getting better sleep (and enough of it) to starting to wake up earlier and build a morning routine that actually gets us excited to wake up.

Here are the habits we’ve been working on:

  • Going to bed at a time that gives us 7-9 hours of sleep
  • Relaxing before bed
  • Setting out our clothes for the next day
  • Setting up our alarm so we actually get up
  • Waking up with our alarm
  • Starting our day with: brushing teeth, drinking H20, and getting dressed
  • Adding a practice like reading or exercise to our mornings.

And frankly, that’s a whole lot of stuff. 

That alone makes a pretty great morning, right?!? And since mornings can be crazy tough, just making all those things habits is a pretty tall order.

Which is why this week, we’re not adding anything. 

Your goal this week is to make this week better than last. 

In this week’s video I talk about why making changes to the morning can be so hard (and why you’re not alone if you’re struggling).

Since you’re just working on that habits you’ve already started, no PDF this week! 

You’ve got this, mama