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Primary Clothing Review

It’s obvious that Primary, an online children’s clothing company, was created by moms. These clothes make mom’s lives easier. From the affordable and high-quality clothing basics to the outstanding customer service, there is a lot for a busy mom to obsess over.

Don’t feel like reading? Never fear: here’s a video review! (It’s my first video and I’m totally trying not to be awkward–not sure I succeed lol)


No time for the full review? Here’s the 10-Second Primary Clothing Review

For more in-depth look at the clothes and my experiences, scroll down a bit further. Otherwise, in a nutshell…

What is awesome:

  • Great value:. Very high quality–especially considering the cost.
  • Easy to care for: Everything is machine washable, and very few items would ever need an iron.
  • The clothes are simple. All solid colors. No loud patterns or designs. All of which makes it easier for kids to match their own clothes.
  • Wide color selection: Most clothes come in ALL the colors so there’s no explosion of pink and purple for girls and green and blue for boys.
  • A+ Customer Service: The company is super responsive and customer service is top-notch.
  • Comfortable & Functional: No tags, pockets in dresses, 
  • Clothes are true to size: Plus, the website is very helpful in selecting the correct size.

Why you might not like it:

  • These are definitely basics. If you don’t like simple solid-color clothing, this is not the company for you.

Our favorite Clothes (note: all girls stuff since I have girls)

Review of Primary.com kid's clothes.




My Experience

As a mom of 4 growing girls (3 of whom dress themselves), Primary immediately appealed to me.

I was sold with the concept:

  • simple, affordable, high-quality, children’s clothes in a range of vibrant colors
  • no tags, no patterns, sequins, no logos, and no glitter (aka Satan’s dust) to come off all over my house and children.

I was tired of random images and charaters on my kids clothes, mismatched patterns and glitter explosions. Bring on the adorable, simple, and affordable kid’s clothes!


Since Halloween was approaching, the website was full of DIY halloween costumes ideas using Primary clothes. I mean seriously, just check out these awesome ideas and try not to fall in love. 

All it would take is a few quick DIY hacks paired with some clothes from Primary and I could create some super cute costumes.

And all the clothes could just be added to their regular wardrobe (unlike a cheaply-made costume). Practical and economical.

With 20% off total order for first time buyers, I figured “what the heck” and ordered outfits that could double as costumes for all 4 of my kids.

First impressions

When I opened the package (which was adorably colorful, btw), first things I saw were the gorgeous colors.

When I handled the clothes, I could quickly tell these were quality fabrics. As a seamstress, I can be a little obsessive about fabrics.

It was seriously love at first sight, I kid you not. Right off the bat, I knew that this was just the beginning (3 months later, I’ve ordered 3 additional large orders).

And boy, the clothes were so very cute! The girls loved them. They were thrilled with their panda, Belle, and sunshine costume (frankly, the unicorn didn’t really care).

Primary Halloween


As a super busy mom on a budget, I am always looking for both things that make my life easier and are great values. Primary clothes fits the bill on both counts. Here’s what I love about Primary (and trust me, there’s so much to love):

1) Easy for kids to dress themselves and match

My kids dress themselves from the time they are able (about 2 and-a-half). This makes my life so much easier and they develop independence and a sense of self (win-win). While I don’t get worked up over horribly mismatched clothes, with Primary clothes, it’s very easy for my girls to put together really cute outfits. 

2) They use high quality, sturdy fabrics

I have been impressed by the quality of every item I have purchased (and I’ve had 4 big orders at the time of writing). While I had been hesitant to spend $23 on a kid’s cardigan, when I pulled it out of its packaging I was immediately impressed by its quality. I realized that I don’t have a cardigan that nice.

3) Very affordably priced (especially considering the quality)

Like a lot of people, I am on a budget. I’m alwasy trying to walk the line between price and quality and it can be tough. I’ve bough my fair share of crappy kid’s clothes that shrink and fall apart.

Every item is made of high-quality fabric. Which means it not only looks nice, but they will last longer and won’t shrink up several sizes.

A great example of the quality can be found in Primary leggings. They cost $10 each ($9 for 3 or more). Comparing Primary leggings to Target leggings (my old go-to) is almost a joke. Primary leggings are sooooo much better. Thicker fabric, nicer waistband. The leggings are AMAZING. 

Since the regular prices are fantastic, the sales are absolutely spectacular values! Once you order and get on their mailing list, you get access to sale before the general public!

4) Clothes are very comfortable (no tags!)

I have a kid who is super sensitive to how clothes feel and is easily irritated by seams, tags etc. There has been no such issue with Primary! I seriously wish primary had clothes in my size. 

5) Free shipping, always

Yes, please!

6) Customer service is spectacular

Before ordering, I looked at their Facebook page. I noticed how incredibly responsive they were to customers. When I had an issue with an order, I saw why. They were customer service rock stars!

7) No logos/sequins/sparkles/character etc

I like that kids get to look like kids and not walking billboards. As I have all girls, I’m 100% tired of clothes dripping with sequins, characters, logos and other things that don’t age well (and are often accompanied with poor quality). 

8) The pictures on the website are SUPER helpful in selecting sizes

On the website, they show pictures of all sorts of different kids wearing the clothes and they list the size and the child’s weight and height. I LOVE this since it really helps get an idea of how the clothes will fit your child. So helpful!


1) Can get a bit boring

While I love the general idea of no patterns, it’d be awesome if there was just a polka dot print or nice stripe to mix it up a little (in full fairness, they do have a couple striped items). Despite truly loving this company, I couldn’t just buy all their clothes from Primary. I need some pattern to mix it up. As advertised, it is clothing basics…


Primary Sizing

Sizing seems pretty true to size. From my experience, do not order too big.  Many articles of clothes at the time of writing are in combined sizes (2/3, 4/5, 6/7 etc). The 2/3 is a little big on my very petite 2 year-old.

My 4 year-old fits pretty well into 4T, generally, and she fits perfectly into the 4 pants and the 4/5 tops are maybe just slightly large on her (but I’m all about a little big as opposed to too tight). The 5 year-old (who wears 5T) fits perfectly into 5 pants and the 4/5 tops.

Overall, Primary simply makes my life easier 

What mom doesn’t love not having to drag kids to the store? With Primary, you can get affordable, high-qulity, simple children’s clothes straight to your doorstep. Take advantage of the 20% off your first order and let me know what you think in the comments below!