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Happy Mama Hack: Make Your Bedroom and Oasis

When I became a mom, I finally realized why my parents had brown carpet growing up. Life with kids means EPIC messes. Messes that you can’t always get to before the end of the day.

But when it’s time for bed and you are exhausted, a messy home makes it hard to truly relax and unwind.

So how can a mom get some true peace and relaxation without staying up all night cleaning? With a modest effort, you can make your bedroom a sanctuary, free from clutter, toys and the like.

You don’t have to light incense and meditate to create a room where you can relax, clear your mind, and unwind at the end of a long busy day. Just taking some simple steps can transform your bedroom into a place of refuge from stress and an oasis of peace in your home.

 Find peace as a busy mom by creating a peaceful bedroom oasis.

Create apeaceful bedroom for moms 



1) Ban toys from your bedroom

Keeping all toys out of your bedroom (or well out of sight) goes a long way to creating a relaxing enironment. Your day is full of toys strewn throughout the house. Keep them out of your bedroom.

Personally, this was a major source of annoyance. My girls love to play in our bedroom, but stepping on small toys while getting up for a midnight pee was testing all my patience.

So I told them that no toys were allowed in my room and when they inevitably tested me, their toys ended up in toy jail (a plastic bin in my closet). After doing extra toys, they earned them back and stopped leaving toys in my room!

2) Limit screens and artifical light sources

The light coming from screens and other artifical light sources mess with your circadian rythyms and negatively impact sleep quality.

Take a look at your room and watch out for all the light sources coming from your various electronics.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Put your alarm clock across the room to avoid the light coming from the digtal time. This has the added benefit of making the snooze button a thing of the past.
  • Keep your cell phone out of the bedroom. Not only will you get better sleep, but you will not waste time scrolling through something mindless.  

3) Avoid clutter like the plague

Perhaps you can’t keep your entire house decluttered at all time (I sure can’t with 4 little whirlwinds). But you can manage one room.

Keeping your bedroom clean and decluttered will go a very long way to creating a relaxing and peaceful oasis for you. Discarded clothes, shoes, and other items can usually all be put away in a few minutes if you are doing it regularly.

4) Make your bed every day

This takes just a minute and gives you an immediate boost and sense of accomplishment.

I admit that I used to find making my bed entirely pointless. But oh boy, has that changed. I get an instant boost making my bed first thing. Then, every time I see it during the day, I get small little jolts of happiness. And plus, sliding into a crisply make bed at the end of the day feels oh-so luxurious.

5) Add relaxing elements

What can you add to your bedroom that will create your own little oasis? New throw pillows for the bed? A scented candle? A new paint color? Bedding?

What will make your room more relaxing?

For me, this meant creating a reading nook in my room. Which was basically just a comfy chair. Creating a space where I can relax and read has been such a delight. Instead of just taking away annoyances in my bedroom, it actually adds something that brings me a lot of joy and fulfillment.

Create Your Own Sanctuary

Everyone’s idea of a relaxing sanctuary is going to be a bit different. But these principles can guide you to create your own little oasis in your home, free from mess and clutter. No need to spend hours cleaning your home to finally be able to relax.

What do you want in your perfect bedroom sanctuary?