Our 7 Favorite Funny Children’s Books

Our 7 Favorite Funny Children’s Books

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I’ve always loved funny children’s books. Even as a teen, when I’d be on babysitting jobs, I’d love to peruse each family’s book collection and find funny books to read the kids (that’s how I discovered #2).

I’ve certainly grown to appreciate children’s books that have a good message or teach important principles. But when it comes to bonding with my kids, I’m all about funny children’s books. There’s nothing quite so enjoyable as snuggling up with my 4 little girls and giggling together as we read hysterical stories.

I also find that comical reads tend to smooth out crabby attitudes that can crop up near bedtime. Funny children’s books are our secret weapon for turning foul moods around and sharing sweet moments with our kids.

Here are our favorites:


As promised, this book really has no pictures. And it is absolutely hilarious. When we read it, my kids do the throw-the-head-back-can’t-breathe laugh. We are literally rolling around the floors.

It basically gets you, the reader, to say all sorts of silly things. Written by an actual comedy writer (B.J. Novak of The Office), it’s basically genius. It’s probably our favorite book right now.

Here’s a video of him reading it to a group of very delighted kids.


With stories like Cinderumpelstiltskin (my personal favorite) and Little Red Running Shorts, this book is a spoof on classic fairy tales and even traditional book design. It’s insanely clever and leaves me and my kids in uncontrolable fits of laughter.

You basically have Jack the Narrator trying to literally hold the book together while random fairy tale characters try and pop in where they’re not supposed to be destroying not only the storyline, but the book itself.

No matter how many times I read it, I can’t get through a page of this book without cracking up completely. Do yourself a favor and get your hands on a copy.


This is a delightful book in which a farmer is stuck negotiating with his cows who’ve begun typing out their demands after finding his old typewriter. This classic is both clever and entertaining and keeps us giggling when it’s chosen as the bedtime book.

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Last year, my oldest came home from kindergarten and started to tell me about this book her teacher read in which a pigeon was trying to convince the readers to let him drive a bus. With her crazy-good memory, she started reciting the book nearly word-for-word as we walked home from school.

I couldn’t stop laughing. Was this book for reals?

Oh yes it was. We went to the library and checked out all the Pigeon books we could find and read them til we were sore from laughing. They’re completely ingenious. I ended up buying a little set for the kids for Christmas.


By the same author as #2, this one is another unconventional and hilarious take on a classic fairy tale. It follows the Frog Prince AFTER he and the princess are married and he finds himself discontent with their “happily ever after.” He goes on a quest to find a witch to turn him back into a frog.

It’s both hilarious and heartwarming and the illustrations are a crack-up.  

6) PIG THE WINNER by Aaron Blabey

This book is our favorite of the many very funny Pig the Pug book collection. Pig is a very selfish and greedy dog who is forced to learn a lesson in each book. In this one, he learns hard lessons about not cheating. The story is delightful, and the illustrations are fabulously funny.


Not only is this one funny, it also has a wonderful message about being yourself and not bending to fickle societal pressures.

Thelma is a squat little pony who wants to be a unicorn, and thanks to a freak accident with a truck carrying pink paint and glitter, she is thrilled when she ends up looking like one. Through a delightful rhyming text and fantastically funny illustrations, she comes to realize that she’d just rather be herself.

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Well, there you have it: our favorite funny children’s books to delight and entertain. Snuggling up with your kids and laughing together as you read hilarious children’s books is the perfect way to bond with your kids.

And as I’ve found, it’s a great way to get tired crabby kids in good spirits at bedtime. So hit up your local library and see for yourselves how fun these 7 books are.


Nature Scavenger Hunt: A Simple and Fun Preschool Math Activity

Nature Scavenger Hunt: A Simple and Fun Preschool Math Activity

*This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience (which means that, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission)  Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Nature Scavenger Hunt: A Simple & Fun Preschool Math Activity

On the lookout for easy, fun, and educational activities that I can do with your little ones? This nature scavenger hunt is a super fun way to explore the outdoors and practice counting.

With just a few household items and just a couple minutes prep time, you are ready to go! You can have a fun little learning adventure with your kids where they will be encouraged to think out of the box and use their math skills to add up what they find.

There are so many variations of how you can do this activity! If you want, after your hunt your kids can make a nature collage with what they found during the scavenger hunt. Get creative!

Fun & Easy Nature Scavenger Hunt Preschool Math Activity

Fun & Easy Nature Scavenger Hunt Preschool Math Activity


For Scavenger Hunt

  • List of items to look for on the scavenger hunt
  • Pencil/crayon
  • Basket/bag to collect items

For Nature Collage

  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Option-tray


1) First, write a list of objects to look for on the scavenger hunt.

Your list will depend on the area you live in and the season.  For example, you can write a list as follows: Five rocks of any color, 5 flowers of any color, 10 leaves, 8 small sticks.

Create your list with your child in mind. Since we had a variety of ages on our hunt–6, 4, 2–I was flexible in my expectations for each child.

The 4 and 6 year old could easily count to 20 (and well beyond), while my 2 year old can count to about 5 right now. My goal was to just get each child to practice at their level.

For most kids, you’ll definitely want to keep the quantity of objects higher than three, that way there will be more items for your child to count and add.  

2) It’s Adventure Time!

Go for a walk and have your child use the list as the guide of what he needs to find.

You can walk around your backyard or neighborhood. We chose to go to a local reserve because there was simply more nature to explore. Plus, there were fun things like ducks and bunnies to count!

3) Use Your List

As your child finds the items on the list, have him write down what he has found and the amount. If you think it might be helpful, you can have him tally as he finds the objects on the list.

Or you can collect them in your basket/bag and count afterwards. It’s versatile!

By the way, the baskets we used (pictured) are part of some play food sets we have. They just happened to be perfect for this activity. 

Every time your child finds an item from the list, have him add the amount of items he has.  This will give him lots of opportunities to practice adding, but will also help him to keep track of the amount he has.  

4) Add the total.

At the end of the walk, have your little one add the totals from all that he found. So many opportunities for counting!

5) Make a collage

Now for the really fun part! After finding everything on the list and adding it up, your child can make a collage of the items by gluing the items on cardboard or making a display tray. By placing the items on a tray, he can have many opportunities to rearrange his collage in different ways.

Nature + Counting = Simple & Easy Educational Fun!

Educational activities don’t have to take a lot of time or effort. You don’t have to plan some complicated activity that involves a lot of prep time and organization. This scavenger hunt is super easy and super fun for kids. And you can modify it however you need to meet your needs. Really, you’re just out exploring in nature and counting! Plus, you can add a collage project at the end.  

Try this one and let me know how it goes.

Have fun, mama!

Fun & Easy Nature Scavenger Hunt Preschool Math Activity