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Messy homes are natural byproducts of having children.

When I became a mother, I realized why my parents had brown carpet growing up. Small kids are whizzes at creating spectacular messes in miraculously short times. While I was vacumming the other day, my child had snuck some chips from the pantry and was silently trailing me so when I was finished, I looked upon my work and the carpet was actually dirtier than when I had begun. While messy homes are normal for homes with small kids, it’s very hard for some moms to find peace while in the midst of dirty dishes and messes to clean. So how can a mom get some true peace and relaxation without staying up all night cleaning? One fantastic way to find peace and relaxation at the end of the day (or in the middle!) is to make your bedroom a sanctuary, free from clutter, toys and the like.

You don’t have to light incense and meditate (though this are actually awesome things) to create a room where you can relax, clear your mind, and unwind at the end of a long busy day. Just taking some simple steps can transform your bedroom (or another room in the house) into a place of refuge from stress and an oasis of peace in your home.

Create apeaceful bedroom for moms

I Can’t Relax in Clutter

I am most definitely someone who cannot sit down to relax until my house is clean. Four small kids, a job, and a husband who doesn’t have the same needs for cleanliness make keeping my house clean and trying to relax at the end of the day incredibly difficult. Despite running around all day picking up and helping kids to pick up after themselves, I rarely had the house up to my standard by bedtime. Instead, I would look around after the kids went to bed, my eyes heavy with sleep, and my house would be a complete disaster. Often I would stay up for hours cleaning then stagger into bed at 1 or 2am only to have the messes begin again a few hours later.

However, a while ago I decided to make my sleep a top priority for overall health. Because my mind goes about a million miles an hour at all times, I tend to have a hard time falling asleep at night. After reading a lot about improving sleep, I decided that I needed to make my bedroom a place where it is easier for me to relax. I instituted several rules for my bedroom and it absolutely changed my mood at the end of the day. Not only is it easy to relax and unwind in my peaceful room, but my sleep is exponentially better. Even if other parts of my house are messy.

Making My Bedroom a Sanctuary

Turning my bedroom into a sanctuary was actually quite simple, yet yielded incredible results. After changing a few things in my bedroom, the end product was an oasis from the chaos and mess of my everyday. Not everyone likes the same things, so everyone’s idea of creating a sanctuary will be a little different.

But here’s what I did:

1) I banned toys from my bedroom

This was a major source of annoyance for me. My girls love to play in our bedroom, but stepping on small toys while getting ready for be of while getting up at night to pee does not inspire positive emotions. I basically told my girls that if toys end up in my room, they were going to disappear forever. They didn’t believe me and proceeded to leave a bunch of toys in my room the next day so I gathered them all up. Instead of throwing them away, I made them do chores to earn them back. They started to get the picture. With constant enforcing (and a few disappearing toys), I rarely find toys in my bedroom now.

2) I moved my alarm clock across the room

This had served multiple purposes. Firstly, the lights and the electronic buzz coming from my alarm clock made it hard to fall asleep. It did not promote relaxation while I was in bed. Also, if I was tossing and turning, having the time staring at me in big red letters wasn’t exactly helpful in relaxing me. As an added bonus, having my alarm clock across the room helps me avoid the snooze button so I an achieve my morning goals easier.

3) I avoid any clutter like the plague

Clutter makes me cranky. While I can’t keep on top of my entire house no matter how I try (and get enough sleep) I can keep on top of my bedroom clutter. Discarded clothes, shoes, and other items can usually all be put away in a few minutes if you are doing it regularly.

4) I make my bed every day

I admit that I used to find making my bed entirely pointless. But I have totally changed my tune. I make my bed first thing every morning and I get a rush of happiness when I’m done. Then, every time I see it during the day, I get small little jolts of happiness. And sliding into a crisply make bed at the end of the day feels so luxurious. Making my bed brings me joy and peace throughout me day. And it really makes my bedroom feel like an oasis.

5) I put in a reading chair

Reading is one of my favorite things. I’ll do it in the bath and in my special reading chair. This chair from Ikea is amazing and I am completely in love with it. My husband thinks it’s hideous, but it makes me so happy. I was surprised how comfortable it is and it’s made the perfect reading chair in the corner of my room. Creating a space where I can relax and read has been such a delight. Instead of just taking away annoyances in my bedroom, it actually adds something that brings me a lot of joy and fulfillment.

Create Your Own Sanctuary

Everyone’s idea of a relaxing sanctuary is going to be different. Mine is perfect for me. Maybe your bedroom isn’t even the ideal place–maybe you have another room in mind. Regardless of your situation, creating a space where you can relax and find peace daily will significantly increase your happiness.

What is your perfect bedroom sanctuary? Let me know in the comments!






Create apeaceful bedroom for momsCreate apeaceful bedroom for momsCreate apeaceful bedroom for moms