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9 Tips to Make Waking up a Breeze

Waking up early and accomplishing a lot before breakfast is a well-know productivity hack. Moms especially benefit from having personal time before the kids wake up. Maximizing your mornings can be completely life changing (check out my post about making over your mornings). But despite wanting to wake up early, many of us find the task incredibly difficult. As a very unnatural morning person, I’ve had to research and get every hack possible to actually get out of bed without hitting snooze a gazillion times. 

Tips to wake up early

The tips are divided into 2 categories: preparation and once the alarm goes off in the morning. If waking up is a struggle, it’s never going to change without preparing the night before.

9 tips to make waking up early easy

PART I: The Preparation

1) Go to bed early

This is essential since you don’t want to be operating on a sleep deficit. Sleep deprivation basically leads to a host of health issues (including weight gain) and, ultimately, a shorter lifespan. Most adults need at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night. Decide what time you want to wake up, subtract 8 and you’ve got your bedtime!

2) Make sure you are getting quality sleep

Quality sleep is essential to feeling well-rested, yet it’s not always easy to come by. Check out my post 10 Strategies For Moms to Get Dramatically Better Sleep.

3) Have everything set out in the morning

Have everything you can possibly think of ready to go (check out to help develop your own awesome morning routine). I work out every morning, so I lay out everything: socks, shoes, clothes, sports bra, and headphones. If I’m going for a run, I leave out my house key lanyard. I even have a big glass of water ready and waiting by my bathroom sink (see step 8).

4) Set your intentions for the morning the night before

To make you morning happen, you need to mentally prepare yourself to pop out of bed when your alarm goes off. This can take many forms–you do what will work best for you.

  • Visualization: This is a powerful strategy that I use. I visualize myself smiling and popping out of bed and going through my morning routine step by step. This was especially helpful in changing my morning outlook. I trained myself to jump out of bed with a smile when my alarm goes off. 
  • Plan: Create a written plan with what time you will get up and each thing you plan to accomplish in the order you plan to do them.
  • Use an accountability partner: If you want to wake up to exercise in the mornings, get a partner to do it with of that will help you pop out of bed. You could also just tell your spouse what you will be doing the next morning. Letting someone else know of your plans makes you more likely to keep them.

5) Have the right alarm situation

Making sure you have an alarm set that you will not snooze is essential. Like so many things, there are a lot of options–you pick what works best for you.

  • Alarm across the room: This serves 2 purposes–it gets lights and technology away from you when you’re trying to sleep (thereby imporving sleep quality) and it makes you actually get up and out of bed to turn it off. This was a game changer for me.
  • Alarm across the room AND alarm on phone by your bed: This is my preferred way to wake up. I keep a really soft alarm on my phone by my bed that gently wakes me up. My alarm across the room is set for 3 minutes later. Since I don’t want to disturb my husband, I get up easily with my gentle alarm, turn off the oter alarm before it even goes off and get on with my morning.
  • Use Step Out app: This app is completely genius. If you can hit snooze a million times without even thinking, this is the app for you. You can set it up so that in order to turn off the alarm, you actually have to take 10 or 20 steps. ANd by that point, you are awake! It’s awesome.

BTW: Try and get an alarm that isn’t horribly annoying. If the sound is too grating, it’ll put you in a bad mood the minute you hear it.

PART 2: The Morning

So you’ve done everything that you need to do the night before to prepare. Clothes are laid out. Alarms are set. You’ve visualized your morning and you have some accountability set up. You slept a solid 8 hours and the alarm goes off.

6) Smile first thing

I know it sounds cheesy, but smiling and telling yourself how excited you are to wake up really works. It actually will help make you happy and excited to wake up. Fake it til you make it, baby!  

7) Pop out of bed, turn off the alarm, and beeline straight to your bathroom.

Don’t even let yourself think about getting back into bed. You had to get up to turn off your alarm. Make it second nature to then head straight to the bathroom without even giving it a thought. You’re only partially awake at this point so you will rely on muscle memory. Make going straight to the bathroom part of your muscle memory. 

8) Drink a glass of water and brush your teeth right away

This is going to start to really wake you up and get into your morning routine. The water starts getting your systemes revved up and will give you more energy. Brushing your teeth not only gives you something to do as you wake up, it wakes up your mouth. By this point, you are at least halfway woken up.

9) Put on your exercise clothes/clothes and get busy with your morning!

You’re still probably waking up, but getting dressed and physically preparing for the day is going to really help you keep waking up. To make the most of your day, I HIGHLY recommend working out first thing and getting it out of the way.
For more one making the most of your mornings, check out my post here

You can do it!

Trust me, if I can train myself to be a morning person, absolutely ANYONE can! You’ve got this.

What is your biggest struggle in the morning? What tips are you going to try?


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