6 Gym-Free Ways for Busy Moms to Fit in a Quick Workout


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For busy moms, just taking a shower marks a major accomplishment some days. Our lives are crazy and chaotic, despite the plans and schedules. And gym memberships with excellent daycare can be really pricey. So how do we fit in a gym-free workout when we can’t even put on real clothes? There are a lot of ways to fit in quick workout even while being a super busy mom–it just takes a little planning. 

Why Workout?

Working out–even for 20-30 minutes a few times a week–is like a miracle drug for mamas. It will basically improve every area of your life. Exercise gives you more energy, makes you happier, helps your weight, skin, brain, sleep quality, and love life. And the great thing is that you don’t need to workout for hours to take advantage of all these amazing benefits. With just 20-30 minutes of a solid workout a few days a week, you are going to see results. Schedule the days you want to workout in advance (planning ahead increases your chance of following through) and decide when you will workout. So where can you sneak in a workout?

No time to workout? No problem! Here are 6 ways even the busiest mom can fit in a quick workout at home.

6 Gym-Free Ways for Busy Moms to Fit in a Quick Workout


1) Wake-up Before your kids

I know, mama. You are perpetually tired. This seems impossible. I’ve been there. But trust me–working out before your kids wake up will be like giving yourself a gift every day. Breakfasts will be calmer and happier if mama has gotten her sweat on. For tips on waking up early (even if you are NOT a morning person) check out my post here

This is the absolute easiest way to fit in a quick workout–and it’s the best way to start your day! You don’t have to stress out while trying to juggle your kids and hope they stay occupied for 20 minutes to fit in some sweat time. If you could just get up 20-30 minutes before you normally do, you can fit in a quick body-weight circuit, workout video (T25 is my favorite), or run (if dad is still home) before the mini-humans are ready to rumble. While I tend to do a lot in the mornings before my kids wake up, the most important thing I do–hands down–is work out.

2) Get a Running Stroller & Make it A Family Event

My kids LOVE going on runs with me. Investing in a running stroller was well worth it. We load up the double BOB stroller with kids, a couple toys and snacks, and I can usually get in a quick 30 minute run without any problems (I’ll add intervals to make it more intense).

And if there’s time in our schedule, I like to end at a park near our home so they get to run around and play while I stretch. Sometimes I schedule park play dates for just after runs to help motivate me. I just leave 20-30 minutes earlier to get in a run! As for running strollers, there are several great options depending on your budget. I highly recommend the BOB stroller, but it is a bit pricey (at least for me it was!). If you have the funds, it is beyond amazing and 100% worth it if you want to run or walk with your kids.

3) Do it while they’re eating breakfast

If I don’t wake up before my kids, for whatever reason, this is my go-to backup plan. While they are eating, I’ll throw on a T25 workout and get my sweat on for 25 minutes. It is the perfect workout for bust moms who want an amazing workout in less than 30 minutes. If I have to stop and help them with something (let’s be honest–basically every single workout), I just pause, meet their needs, and get back to it. Once they’re done, they often join me so that they “can get stronger too.” While I am hopping over them sometimes, it’s just an added workout. I love it! You can do a workout video, a quick bodyweight circuit, or invest in some weights and do a weighted circuit (Pinterest is full of great ideas).

4) Use Nap-time

I know that nap time is sacred. But if you can quickly get in a 30 minute workout in at the start, you’ll have the rest of the nap to enjoy while you fee like a million bucks because you raised your endorphins. You will be so much happier once you’ve exercised. Physical Kitchness has awesome workouts geared towards busy moms.

5) Have a Dance Party

This is a great way to sneak in a quick workout while having a blast with your kids. Using iTunes on my cellphone, I’ll pair it with my portable bluetooth speaker  and we can have a dance party anywhere in the house. My kids love to put on fun music and dance! Sometimes we’ll even add in some quick cleaning as we dance. All it takes is promising them a quarter and they go into turbo cleaning mode. So the house gets clean, I burn calories cleaning and dancing, and my kids are with me every step of the way. It’s trifecta of awesome.

6) When All Else Fails–Workout once dad is home!

If you couldn’t wake up, breakfast was insane, and there was no time to muster the energy to workout any other time, use dad when he gets home from work. If it didn’t happen earlier, don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ve got a lot on your plate. But you deserve health so DON’T give up! When dad gets home, he needs to take over for a bit so mama can have some alone time and recharge her batteries. Go for a run/walk and get your heart rate up. You’ll be refreshed and ready to handle the crazy when you get back.

My Favorite Resources (from suggestions above)

Start TODAY!

Pick what works best for you and get started now. Just do it. If you are doing a video in the privacy of your own home, you don’t even have to put on workout clothes. Just do it in your underwear! The bottom line is just start now. I’ve never been like, “Wow, I’m so bummed I just did that workout”. Instead, it’s like “Ohmygosh, I am so HAPPY I just did that workout cause I feel fantastic”! If you make the commitment to fit in a workout, you can do it. You’ve got this mama. Write down your goals and your plan, and get ready to reap the benefits of regular exercise! SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave



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